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Our Vision

Fokida is a melting pot of cultures, a historical monument, where customs and traditions are preserved through its inhabitants’ daily lives. A blessed place whose tradition and history must be salvaged. That is the main aim of the creation of the Ethnological and Folklore Museum of Chrisso. The museum is also a personal contribution to the promotion not only of the collector’s Mr. Ilias Daradimo’s birth place, but also of the interest and love towards folk art.

Our main goal is for the Museum to become largely known, to organize periodical exhibitions with items from other regions, in order to promote further the interest of the general public in folk tradition. Our paramount interest is to have schools as visitors so that children can be introduced and love our art and history.

Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00 - 15:00
Closed on Monday

The Ethnological Folklore Museum of Chrisso is located in the traditional village of Chrissos, 5 km from Delphi.